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This is possibly the most impressively detailed chess set I've seen (and I really love chess sets). Everything from the colours to the shading, and the inclusion of the markings and gunners. I have to disagree with those who said about the size of the Pawn. In chess this wouldn't matter, and in a te...



Okay, this is just a personal preference/opinion, so hopefully won't start the sort of arguments that usually result from this topic.

My personal laptop has a dead power supply, and subsequently a dead battery, so I'm watching something on my (touch screen) work machine, while trying to use an iPad to go through my messages.

I have to say that the word and letter targeting on Windows 8 while doing text input/editing, is far superior to iOS. I don't think I've had a single reason to critisise or complain about the Windows device (or even my Windows phone), but I do often complain, and get frustrated with the iPad and my iPod Touch. I also find the spell check and predictive text to be far better on Windows 8 than it's ever been in Word. Hopefully Microsoft will learn from that and apply it to their next versions of Word.
has dA done to it's site? It's awful!
The today page seems like a never ending scroll-down mash-up that tries to give you a peek at every single area of the site... for more than "today". The previous day header is so much smaller than other headers that you'll probably miss it unless you're paying a lot of attention.
The watch feed is a nightmare, and the semi-fixed menus are very distracting.
I use the Pale Moon browser (a platform optimised version of Firefox), which is always fairly quick to load and display content... not, unfortunately, on dA. The site feels so jerky and hesitant when scrolling.
I realise that sites sometimes need to update to keep things fresh, but this is a bit too much of throwing everything in to the mix and ending up with something that's failing with its core function... Microsoft Word anyone?
Anyway, that's just my opinion. I know some people will love it, and some people will have mixed feelings, but I'm definitely in the "hate it" camp at the minute.

Update: 28-Oct-2014. I've also just realised that due to this new layout, I actually miss most of the Daily Deviations. Before, due to the random display of DDs when you refreshed the main page, something would often catch my eye and I'd go look at the whole page. Now, because it's not there, I tend to not go looking for them. I wonder how many others this applies to, and what impact it's having on the DD section of the site...



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Thanks to a new found appreciation for art and not just photography I decided to use the site more and have gotten lots of great ideas from some very talented people.

I'm more into photography, but haven't yet had the chance to get anything decend to put up. Hopefully that will change soon.
I do enjoy digital art as well as drawing, I'm not that great at either, but I'm trying :)

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